Sermon Recap — August 14, 2022

Sermon Recap

Preoccupied With Praise

Jeremy Bell
August 14, 2022
Psalm 34:1-3
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Main Idea: A heart changed by Christ will be preoccupied with His praise

I. Our Praise to the Lord is continual

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” — Job 1:21

II. Our Praise to the Lord is personal

“What scope there is for holy boasting in Jehovah! His person, attributes, covenant, promises, works, and a thousand things besides – are all incomparable, unparalleled, and matchless! We may declare them as we please, but we shall never be convicted of vain and empty speech in so doing.” — CH Spurgeon

III. Our praise to the Lord is corporate

“So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.” — Romans 12:5

“In great and high thoughts of God, which we should express in magnifying Him and exalting His name, we cannot make God greater or higher than He is; but if we adore Him as infinitely great, and higher than the highest, He is pleased to reckon this magnifying and exalting Him. This we must do together. God’s praises sound best in concert, for so we praise Him as the angels do in heaven.” — Matthew Henry, 1706

Questions for Discussion/Application:

  • Re-read the text, Psalm 34:1-3. What initial insights and observations do you have from reading this passage?
  • Verse 1 says, “I will bless the LORD at all times.” How is it possible for a believer to praise God even when situations and circumstances are not going well? What other believer is an example to you of what it looks like to praise the Lord, even in difficulty and trial?
  • When was a time in your own life when you praised the Lord in the midst of a difficult circumstance? When you did so, what was the effect on your soul?
  •  Jeremy made the point from verse 2 (“My soul …”) that praise is personal. What has God done for you, in your life, personally and specifically that causes you to want to praise Him?
  • Verse 3 reminds us that praise is not only personal, but corporate as well. What value is there in gathering to worship God with others — with God’s people? How might believers today be tempted to devalue the public gathering of God’s people? What practical steps can we take to ensure that the gathering of God’s people reminds a top priority in our own lives?
  • Consider taking time to pray (1) That we might praise God at all times and in all situations (2) That we would daily reflect on reasons we have to praise the Lord (3) That we might grow in our love for the public gathering of God’s people.

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