Sermon Recap — May 14, 2023

Sermon Recap

Doers of the Word

Jeremy Bell
Selected texts from James
May 14, 2023
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I. We can face the trials of life with joy because we know God is at work.

“I’ve learned to kiss the waves that throw me up against the Rock of Ages” — CH Spurgeon

II. Love for God will result in love for our neighbor.

“Our speech is not primarily for expressing ourselves, it is for expressing God’s character.” — Mark Dever

III. There is great power in faith-filled prayer.

“United to Christ by faith Gina belonged – and belongs – to God. And through the years of her suffering we reminded ourselves often that the God who in grace had rescued her in Christ from sin loves her even more than we do. And so we trust His providence. He is too wise ever to make a mistake, and too good ever to do us wrong. And we acknowledge that just as He was free and sovereign in giving Gina to us 29 years ago, so now He is free and sovereign — and good and just — in taking her. He has not wronged us. Indeed, not only do we affirm this great truth — we rest in it. This God is Himself our Father, a Father who knows what is best for His children and faithfully directs our lives accordingly. Moreover, he is the Father who in love one day gave up His own Son to bear our curse in order to redeem us to Himself. Yes, of course there are many “Why?” questions that we cannot answer, but we lack no proof of God’s love or his goodness.” — Fred Zaspel

What truth can calm the troubled soul?
God is good, God is good
Where is his grace and goodness known?
In our great Redeemer’s blood

Who holds our faith when fears arise?
Who stands above the stormy trial?
Who sends the waves that bring us nigh?
Unto the shore, the rock of Christ

– Christ Our Hope In Life and Death

Questions for Discussion/Application

  • Please open your Bibles to the book of James.  Consider watching this video – which is an overview and summary of the book of James.
  • Having listened to the Sunday Sermon and watched the summary video, what is one thing that stands out that you want to “take home” and apply from this book and this series?
    • Note to CGL: Your entire discussion may be taken up with this one question.
  • Please Read James 1:2-4. What does it look like practically for us to “count it all joy” when we “meet trials of various kinds”?
  • How do you want to grow personally in finding joy in God in the midst of difficulty? What kinds of steps can we take practically to do so?
  • Please read James 1:22-24. Why is it so critical that we not be hearers of the word only, but doers as well?
  • In chapter 2, we learned about the importance of “works” as evidence of saving faith. We don’t do good works in order to be saved, but good works do flow from the life of one who has been genuinely converted. How do we pursue good works in a grace-motivated way and avoid a legalistic performance mindset and mentality?
  • This book discusses sins of the tongue (see chapter 3 in particular). How did this series and this book challenge you with regards to your use of the tongue?
  • How does the gospel encourage and help us when we are confronted with our shortcomings and sins in going through this book?
  • Consider taking time to pray, asking God to cause the book of James and it’s message to have a long term impact on our lives.

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